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COOKIE POLICY (v.1.1 31.10.2017)

Euronet Payment Services Limited, trading as Ria, (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “our” or “us”) is the provider of the service available to you via (“Our Website”). Our Website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users of Our Website. In this cookie policy you will find more information on what cookies may be set when you visit Our Website and related information:


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By continuing to browse Our Website you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

  1. WHAT ARE COOKIES? Cookies are small, often encrypted text files, located in your internet browser (and containing information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive) and are used by most websites. We may collect cookies and use them to help personalise your online experience, ensure you can navigate Our Website efficiently and perform certain functions.
  2. TYPES OF COOKIES Unless you disable the use of cookies (see section 3 below), the main cookies that we use on Our Website are set out below.
    • Required cookies. These are cookies that are required for the proper and optimum functioning of Our Website; for example, .RIAAUTH_1 which controls the logged in state of the user, __RequestVerificationToken_XXXXXXXXXXXXX which ensures the security of the data entered by users into forms on Our Website and ASP.NET_SessionId which is the cookie used to track session data on Our Website i.e. order information when going from one page on Our Website to the next.
    • Personalisation cookies. These are cookies which we use to recognise when you have previously visited Our Website and to personalise your experience accordingly; for example, .RIADEFAULTS which controls storage of default country and currency information to enable a customised experience for the user and .RIADEVICE and .RIADEVICEVERIFIED which detect whether a device has previously been used to access Our Website.
    • Performance cookies. These cookies allow us to recognise and count the number of visits to Our Website and to analyse the movements of such visitors on Our Website; for example, s_pers, s_sess and s_vi which provide anonymised statistical information regarding volume of usage, pages views and sources of traffic. This information may be used to identify and understand the needs of users of Our Website and to improve the user experience on Our Website.
    • Marketing cookies. These cookies are used to measure the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns; for example, _ga, _gat, optimizelyBuckets, optimizelyEndUserId, optimizelyPendingLogEvents, Xtl_cta_tickle_shown, xtl_file, ki_r, ki_t and ki_u.
    Third parties such as advertisers and web analytics providers may also use cookies, over which we have no control. These cookies are likely to be analytical / performance cookies or targeting cookies.
  3. DISABLING THE USE OF COOKIES You are not obliged to accept cookies that we send to you and you can modify your browser so that it will not accept cookies. You should follow the instructions in your browser (usually located within the "Help", "Tools" or "Edit" facility) to disable cookies. Due to their core role of enhancing or enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent you from using certain parts of Our Website and it may also mean that some features on Our Website will not function.
  4. UPDATES TO THIS COOKIE POLICY Please note that we may update this cookie policy from time to time by posting a new version on Our Website. You should check Our Website frequently for any updates or changes to this cookie policy which may affect you.

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